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A Note from Our Creator

Inspired by You

Your Microbiome is under constant attack – from environmental factors to harsh skincare ingredients. External aggressors to the skin come in many shapes and forms and oftentimes, we are the worst offenders overusing products. With the beauty and skincare market constantly evolving, it is very tempting to try every new product that hits the shelves. I wanted to develop a minimal skincare regimen that will renew and protect your skin.

​Le Cleanse will rebalance and begin the healing process for your skin.

​Our products consist of simple yet highly effective ingredients that are designed for all skin types to preserve and protect your skin’s health. We work with labs that we personally trust and we only source the best and most sustainable ingredients. We wanted to create formulas that are gentle and extremely effective in cultivating your skin’s garden of good bacteria.

My Career in Beauty
Prior to creating Le Cleanse, I dedicated my career to trend-defining luxury retailers. It was my job to introduce consumers to the world’s leading skincare and beauty innovations. Over the years, I have personally researched and tested thousands of beauty products to meet the latest consumer demands. Through all my experiences, I understood that the essential secret to beautiful skin is its health – that we must take care of our skin’s ecosystem. It is from this respect and reverence that Le Cleanse was born.